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About Us

We Make Learning Fun

EduStudio previously known as Jyoti's French Tutorials emerged from a simple idea, having one goal in mind: giving our students the best, most beneficial learning experience. We believe that learning is a process that requires interest and perseverance for it to be effective and rewarding. We at EduStudio are supporters of holistic learning. Since the commencement of our institution, we have had the opportunity to help countless students develop foundational skills and adopt new techniques that have helped them achieve confidence in their journey of learning.

EduStudio’ in itself refers to a space where education is created, not followed. 

There’s always 'one more thing' to learn.” - Steve Jobs

And what better than learning a new language? Better yet, learning psychology that constituted “learning” in the first place?


We believe learning to be a two-way process and this give-and-take relationship is extremely valued at EduStudio. Keeping the traditional practice of teaching in mind, we design our courses to make it more interactive and engaging in a friendly environment where the students themselves feel interested in learning new things everyday. Our courses are designed to provide opportunities to students to develop their skills and work on their weaknesses. Not only that, but our course batches are smaller in size so that the students are exposed to a community of like-minded peers and help each other grow. 

Although we put a lot of emphasis on learning, we cannot ignore that it takes a certain amount of discipline and dedication. We encourage our students to strive for excellence through hard work and consistency, and be mindful about their performance. All these years and our students have never failed to make us proud and we cannot be more grateful!

We are thankful to our team of passionate, skilled and hardworking members who are here to help students discover their true potential.

Why Choose Us?

Founder & Managing Director

  • We provide complete and detailed notes of courses

  • Individual attention for better understanding

  • Smaller batches for better doubt-solving and interactive sessions

  • Easy-to-learn methods and mnemonics 

  • Regular tests and worksheets for practice and improvement

  • Parents are updated about the student’s performance

  • Our results speak volumes

Jyoti Kenia Gala

M.A Literature | Diploma in French | Diploma in Animation and VFX

A Passionate Educator


“The reason behind founding EduStudio was a simple one: I wanted my students to fall in love with learning. Often, the motive behind engaging in courses is to earn a lot of marks in exams. This institution was built to break this stigma and set aside the hunger to earn more and more marks. Rather, focus on gaining knowledge and interest in the subjects we learn. Change is the only constant and at EduStudio, we refine our teaching methods from time-to-time to provide our students with a flexible and holistic experience. As an educator, I wanted my students to feel free to approach me whenever they require the slightest bit of help. Our teaching staff is highly approachable and humble so that our students feel comfortable clearing their doubts. I make sure that they get the best service and are satisfied with the courses they choose to enroll in.” 

Jyoti Kenia has always found pleasure in teaching and learning. She didn’t realise how much she enjoyed sharing her knowledge with others until she began teaching in 2009 at a young age. She believes that education in the 21st century should be exploratory and creative rather than restricting. Her teaching methods are interactive and engaging that allows the students to explore their interest in the subject. She feels that there's always room for improvement and works towards making her courses better every day. She thrives on the curiosity of her students and takes pride in seeing them grow and excel, and is appreciative of suggestions and feedback given by her students.

Meet The Team

EduStudio has always delivered exceptional results. We have been able to come so far as an institution because of the passion and ceaseless dedication of our workforce in ensuring that quality content is being provided to the students.

Yashvi Furia

Assistant Teacher

Qualification - B.A, DELF B1 Certified

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