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English Course

English is a universal language. Since as far as memory goes, English had and still has its influence throughout the world. Although essential, it can be a difficult language to learn. English, like any other language, has its beauty. Centuries of history have been written in English. Being a fairly common language, it is often expressed incorrectly.


We at EduStudio offer several distinct courses to suit your requirements for learning English. With the help of our course material that includes numerous vocabulary quizzes and practice sheets, you will gain the confidence and the necessary skills.

In the Classroom

Whether you're starting to learn English from scratch, or just need some help with the language, we are here to assist you in every way. 

EduStudio offers full-time regular batches and crash courses for the following academic years:

  • 5th - 10th All Boards

  • FYJC -SYJC HSC Board

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