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French Course

Bonjour! French or Langue Française originated from the Indo-European family and is one of the most popular languages worldwide. French has been a part of EduStudio since its inception. French as a language is full of devotion, flow, love, music, and beauty. Anyone who attempts to learn the language falls in love with it. It is alluring and relatively easier to learn because most English words have a French origin. Academically, it is one of the most scoring subjects. There are different levels of courses that we offer at EduStudio. They are designed to help you learn the language in its totality.

In the Classroom

Whether you're starting to learn French from scratch, or just need some guidance with the language, we are here to assist you in every way. 

EduStudio offers full-time regular batches and crash courses for the following academic years:

  • 5th - 10th, All Boards 

  • FYJC/SYJC, HSC Board

  • FY/SY B.A

  • FY/SY B.Com

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